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Finding the ECM Version for Cummins Engines

One way to determine the ECM version on a Cummins engine is by locating your engine serial number (ESN), then creating a free account on Cummins QuickServe. QuickServe will also provide a wealth of other information for your specific engine. To locate your engine serial number you can poke around under your engine and look for the stamped tag with this info, but an easier way is to find the DOT placards for your rig.Learn More

DEF Sensor Simulator – Arduino DUE (Original Build)

Assembling a DEF Sensor Simulator Using an Arduino DUE with CAN Card Following is the build process for the original version of the DSS hardware and software from September 2021. This is still a valid solution and requires no soldering, however, check the Quick Build page for the currently recommended solution which is likely to be smaller and less expensive. Only basic electrical and DIY skills are required for the hardware assembly, no soldering isLearn More

DSS connector plug for Freightliner chassis (XCM)

Credits: The following content was provided by NMBluept Disclaimer: please use at your own risk, practice due diligence and verify that the information provided applies to and is compatible with your specific equipment and double check your work.   DSS connector plug for Freightliner chassis (XCM) Note for DSS builders: the DT-4 connector used in the instructions for the DSS is not compatible with Freightliner chassis (at least with the XCM chassis). If your DEFLearn More

DEF Sensor Simulator – Quick Build

Page last updated May 30, 2022 Since the original DSS solution published in September of 2021, the team has been busy looking at alternative hardware and software options. This page has a brief description and links to the build instructions for all the variants developed to date. The solution in the Recommended section has been deemed by the team to be the most viable current option considering factors such as price, size, parts availability, easeLearn More


Windows Defender – if you try to download the DEF Simulator software and you get a message saying “this file could harm your device” the video below shows the steps to download it anyway. This file will NOT harm your device, it is just unknown to Microsoft at this time.


I already have a Raspberry Pi with a CAN interface, can I use that? Not right now, only the Arduino hardware specified is currently supported. There are no immediate plans to port to the RPi, however we may pursue that option when time permits. Will this work on my PowerStroke – Duramax – Dodge Cummins Truck? The short answer is NO! The 1.5, 1 and 3/4 ton Pick-Up trucks all use DEF. However the ECMLearn More

Cummins Engine Lamp Identification Guide


Primary technical project architects: Flyboy013 Archer2 RadarEng Additional project contributors: JP PhlSeattle Voltdoc redbaron73 Post project Information contributors: NMBluept – Freightliner connector info  

DEF Sensor Simulator

Background: DEF systems in modern diesel engines are key to reducing Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emissions  and protecting the environment.   The DEF system is a combination of software, hardware and DEF fluid that enable this important task.  Recently there has been a pandemic of failures affecting one of the elements of the DEF system called the DEF sensor.  The origins of this “DEF pandemic” are not  known for certain but the failures may be related toLearn More

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