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DEF Simulator using CanBed board

NOTE: before mounting in the enclosure box, the CanBed needs to be programmed! Please see instructions in the Programming section at the end of this post. Note: The CanBed needs to have a 4 pin connector soldered on to the board Tools: • Drill & bits • Wire cutters / Strippers • Small screw driver • Ohm meter (multi-meter) • Silicone sealant (optional) • Soldering iron & solder Parts list: 1) The CanBed board canLearn More

DSS connector plug for Freightliner chassis (XCM)

Credits: The following content was provided by NMBluept Disclaimer: please use at your own risk, practice due diligence and verify that the information provided applies to and is compatible with your specific equipment and double check your work.   DSS connector plug for Freightliner chassis (XCM) Note for DSS builders: the DT-4 connector used in the instructions for the DSS is not compatible with Freightliner chassis (at least with the XCM chassis). If your DEFLearn More

DEF Sensor Simulator – Quick Build

While there are many variations of hardware and software for this project, this page focuses on one method that is proven to work on the majority of tested motorhomes and endeavors to keep the construction process as straightforward as possible. Only basic electrical and DIY skills are required for the hardware assembly, no soldering is needed. The software installation in this procedure requires a Windows system and only involves typing some simple commands. Before youLearn More


I already have a Raspberry Pi with a CAN interface, can I use that? Not right now, only the Arduino hardware specified is currently supported. There are no immediate plans to port to the RPi, however we may pursue that option when time permits. Will this work on my PowerStroke – Duramax – Dodge Cummins Truck? The short answer is NO! The 1.5, 1 and 3/4 ton Pick-Up trucks all use DEF. However the ECMLearn More

Cummins Engine Lamp Identification Guide

Cummins Engine Compatibility

IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE YOU BEGIN Check your ECM The Simulator has only been tested and shown to work on a handful of Cummins engines using Cummins CM2350 ECMs. Before you begin building your own Simulator we recommend that you ascertain what model ECM you have. As a general guideline the Simulator should work on all Cummins engines designated as EPA 13 and/or EPA 17. We believe that includes all engines produced since 2016. (Note: editedLearn More

LCD Add-on for the DEF Simulator

Adding a LCD module to your DEF Simulator is a fun extra project for the slightly more techie people.  The current Simulator code already has support for the LCD module included.  The module can display the initialization status, simulated tank level and simulated DEF temperature. The LCD module uses different digital I/O pins on the Arduino DUE vs the UNO/ATMega2560. The module can be built on simple perforated board or you can buy a bareLearn More

Using an Arduino UNO for Your DEF Simulator

  The DEF Simulator can also be built using an Arduino UNO or ATMega2560 board. The UNO/ATMega2560 boards require the use of an additional board called a CAN shield. Note: It is highly recommended that you program the Arduino board before starting the assembly of the DEF simulator. Please see the Programming section at the bottom of this post. The Arduino UNO or equivalent can be purchased from online retailers such as Amazon. Here isLearn More

DEF Sensor Simulator

Background: DEF systems in modern diesel engines are key to reducing Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emissions  and protecting the environment.   The DEF system is a combination of software, hardware and DEF fluid that enable this important task.  Recently there has been a pandemic of failures affecting one of the elements of the DEF system called the DEF sensor.  The origins of this “DEF pandemic” are not  known for certain but the failures may be related toLearn More

Windows Defender

Windows Defender and Software Installation: Windows Defender is found on many Windows 10 computers along with other 3RD party anti-virus software.  When running “DEF Emulator Install Files (x32).exe” to install the Arduino programming files, Windows Defender (or other anti-virus program) will probably “complain”.   This is because the .exe program is an unrecognized .application.  Do not be alarmed. Windows Defender will show: Click on “More info” to continue the install process.  Another window will open askingLearn More

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